CKCE: China Kitchen Cabinet Exhibition

This 2014, the 5th China Kitchen Cabinet Exhibition was held last May 19 to 21 at Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo (Xingang East Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou City). Compared to the 4th Exhibition, the 5th exhibition is said to be greater especially in terms of the participating exhibitors.

Among them were Crown East, Wa Fong Chau, Home Leroy, Yiu Donghua Transit, Stuart, Days of Gordon, Shield the United States, Sennuo, Wan Wah, Ke Lok Fu, Hao Family, Jiu Shi Degrees, Gifted Philippines, Yue Yi Jia, Sunpentown, Delman, Piano, China Square Chau, Okoume, Genji, Branch Home, Home Satisfied, Zhongyuan Wood, Erling, and Li Han to name a few. The exhibition area boasts a space of 68,256 square meters with 6 halls used for the event.

The aim for this exhibition is to serve as an avenue to promote the craft of the exhibitors in a professional level so they would be able to do well in the trade exchange someday.

To ensure the success of this event, almost a hundred thousand dealers were invited and a full range of coverage was employed all the way from print, internet, and on-site promotions.

Among the media partners were Tencent, Asia-Pacific Home, Sina Home, Found Room Home, Sohu Home, Phoenix Home, Netease Home, The Chinese Cabinet Network, China’s Cabinet Network, Discovered Resources Cabinet, 365 Building Materials Weekly, Home 114, China Kitchenware Network, China Kitchen Network, The Chinese Kitchen Network, HC Network, and other well-known media entities. The main media sponsor though was the National Federation of Furniture Industry Association Asia Pacific Media with E Show Network as the secondary media sponsor.

A standard booth for exhibitors included three panels, carpet, a negotiation table (information desk), two chairs, two spotlights, one power socket (220V / 5A), and indoor lights. Among those exhibited were whole cabinets, closets, sheet metal cabinets, cabinet doors, fire doors, quartz stone countertops, artificial stone countertops, stainless steel countertops, microcrystalline stones, sinks, faucets, hinges, handles, track activities, and bolt locks.

Alongside with the kitchen cabinets exhibition, the China Kitchen Appliances Fair and China Wardrobe Exhibition also took place at the same time.

Latest in Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling and Renovation

People often say that a kitchen is the heart of a home. This is the place where meals are prepared and cooked. Later on, these meals would fuel the bodies and minds of those who would eat them. For some people, the kitchen serves as a family’s space for bonding too. There is a whole lot more things that are happening in food preparation rather than the dining itself. Therefore, it is essential to keep your kitchen nice and clean all the time. No matter how big or small it is, your own kitchen is a part of your investment especially if your hobby is cooking.

Among the things you need to consider in kitchen maintenance is your storage, aside from your cook ware and appliances. Kitchen cabinets play a very important role in how organized your kitchen could be. Aside from the necessity to keep them clean all the time, make sure that you also take extra efforts to remodel or renovate if there is a need to. As new kitchen innovations are being thought of from time to time, try to go with the flow and who knows, these new innovations can even help you do your cooking better. Read on so you could have an idea of what you could do.

1. Wood veneer is better and more durable than particleboard, medium-density fiberboard, laminate, or melamine. Make use of it as your cabinet interior.
2. For more storage, build your cabinets that go high up the ceiling. This way, you could have more space for wall art or open shelves.
3. Brush-painted cabinets last longer than stained-wood cabinets. Stained-wood ones are easily altered through time.
4. Instead of upper cabinets, you could use open shelves instead. This way, a small kitchen is maximized. The standard placement of an open shelf is at upper-cabinet height with the lower shelf being 18 inches above the counter.
5. One of the most budget-friendly paint in the market today is Valspar Signature paint. Consider using this to freshen up the vibe of your cabinets.
6. A floor-to-ceiling wine storage at the side of your fridge could give your kitchen a sophisticated look. You could have one customized.
7. Did you know that you could make use of standard upper cabinets as seats? Place them beside a window, low on the ground, and add some pillows. In an instant, you have extra kitchen storage space and place to sit down whenever you want.
8. Prevent an all-white kitchen from being boring with the right millwork. Paneling and molding done correctly contributes to highlights and shadows.
9. Obtain easy-access cabinets through a mix of open and closed storage. Mix it with a vibrant color for a bolder and industrial look. You could also make use of glass along with this. Mixing and matching can take you far but make sure your combinations would still make your work in the kitchen efficient.
10. For an instant classic French flair, S-moldings are the answer.
11. Furniture feet add a vintage style to cabinets. On the downside, this may cause more time for you to clean the kitchen.
12. If you are on a budget and you want to be stylish, opt for particle boards or medium-density fiberboard cabinets. Cover them with thermofoil or melamine. This way, the appearance of paint brush marks would not look visible. Meanwhile, melamine allows the surface of your cabinet to be maintenance free since it is a plastic.

Cabinets are an expensive element of the kitchen and remodeling or renovating them could mean more expenses. But there are a lot of ideas out there that could help you achieve the look you want. Just do some research and from there, ask the experts how to achieve what you want in the least amount possible.